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5 Best IPL Cricket Games For Android Phones


IPL GAMES: Super exciting IPL Games are available, let's go check them out. However, all these games are only Android phones. Download and enjoy the Top 5 Best IPL Cricket Games for Android in 

2021. All the games are free to download and play. However, we have also provided the download link out there.

The top 5 Best IPL Games 2021 are:

If you are an IPL Cricket lover then all the games are for you. Graphics and commentaries are outstanding. Overall the games create good fun.
  1. IPL Cricket Game 2021
  2. Chennai super kings
  3. WCB T20 Premier League
  4. Real Cricket Premier League
  5. Gujarat Lions 2021 IPL
Top 5 Best IPL Cricket Games for Android in 2021

1. IPL Cricket Game 2021

IPL Cricket Game 2021

Complete package of blockbuster teams, matches, and players. ICG 2021 Gives you the real environment of IPL Matches. Published and developed by Siyal Gamers.

The primary objective of this game is simplicity. Not complication. Simple graphics but more entertainment. Hit sixes and fours with your favourites IPL players. All the teams and franchises are available in it.

Simply, choose your team, make playing 11, and rock on. Overall it is a nice game. However, it allows you to play with all the teams. It's a great composer of quality graphics and a seamless experience. Therefore download this amazing cricket game.

2. Chennai super kings

Best ipl game for mobile

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2. Amazing IPL Cricket game that offers you to play with the CSK team. However, you get all the matches and scenarios The controls of this game are very nice. Therefore it is very easy to play. You get real kits, realistic faces, and much more to explore. Truly sensational game for CSK lovers. It has a huge fan following and that's why it is successful.

Similarly, the official stadium Chepauk is also out there. You play the battles and win them. AI and UI are also remarkable. Download it and own the CSK teams. Manage the team and play the battles out there. Five cool features are there like a per match. Therefore it is a complete package of IPL games. It delivers the 1st position in our list of Top 5 Best IPL Cricket Games for Android in 2021.

3. WCB T20 Premier League IPL 

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WCB T20 League India is pointing to IPL. It is special for the IPL league. WCB always tries to be unique. This time it is successful. As a result this very high rating game. Some creative kinds of stuff are also there. Currently, it serves only IPL matches.

There is no doubt in Graphics quality. Compacts size and good commentary make this game more special. However, it also has realistic features to enjoy. Download it and enjoy the game. We reckon this game for you. It is new & its crazy features will hypnotize you. Therefore do not miss this high-quality and over-rated IPL cricket game in 2021.

4. Real Cricket Premier League IPL

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Real cricket games are always active in their work. They always provide us with some amazing cricket games. RCPL is one of them. Since it doesn't have the official IPL license it doesn't use the IPL Team names and Kits at all. It has some unique features and a w introduction to mobile gaming history. It deserved in our Top 5 Best IPL Cricket Games for Android in 2021.

Real-time auction is available out there. A new gaming method and realistic player's profile. Action-packed Gameplay, which is very necessary. Join the ultimate Mobile Cricket gaming and download it.

5. Gujarat Lions 2021 IPL Cricket

5 best ipl cricket games for android

Fantastic IPL team-oriented game. Developed by Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd. However it only has one team. Gujrat Lions IPL game. No doubt about the gameplay and tournament. Find your interest in it. It is a complete team game that s you a good gaming experience. But, it is rocking till the time for Gujrat fans and lovers.

Teams, members, kits, and of course the match are real. You get some scenarios and handle them throughout the game. The entire game is on the Lion's IPL franchise. It is full of quick matches and tournaments. Millions of people have downloaded this game. Why don't you give it a try?

Wrapping it up:

Top 5 IPL Games for Android in 2021. Free and they are available on Google play. We have done very hard work to find and define them. They are quite amazing games and we promise that they are good enough. Hence, if you are a true IPL fan then download the games that are on our Top 5 list.