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Top 5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone) 2021

Top 5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone) 2021

Here are some Top 5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone) 2021. Do you want to hide your apps, games, videos, and photos using hide apps in 2021? Then, try our recommended hiding apps and chill out there. You have arrived at the right place. So, today we will discuss the best Apps for your phone to hide apps.

Top 5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone) 2021

People want more privacy and more security. That's why they hide the app, games, videos, and photos from their (Android/iPhone) phones. So, we understand your feeling and we have brought some amazing app for you. Here are some Top 5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone) 2021. Therefore try the best suitable apps. Firstly, see our brief reviews and then only go for downloads.

Best and complete hiding app for Android/iPhones in 2021. All are secure and smart enough to hide your app, games, photos, videos and whatever.

1. Vault-Hide

5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone)

Vault hide app is a very good and secure app. The design of this app is very interesting and amazing. So, it doesn't only secure or hides your apps but it also hides many things. For example Photos, audios, videos and of course apps. Cool features and special security is included in this beautiful app.

A complete hider and secure app which has 100 Million Downloads. It is compatible with all the devices. Some of the key features are as follows:

Key Features:

  • Complete hiding and full security
  • Good backups feature.
  • No snap and fake ads.
  • A fingerprint lock type is available.
  • Private browsing.
  • SMS and Call hiding.
  • Proper notifications and Call reminder

2. App Hider

Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone)

App Hider: Nice app hiding app in 2021 for Android/iPhones. However, it is also a very nice app hider. It not only hides your app but it also provides all-round performance. It also does the job for WhatsApp Instagram and Facebook etc. So, it is an excellent app hider and cloner.

One more interesting feature is cloning. It simultaneously allows you to hide and clone the app. In this compact hider app, there are some amazing features and they are discussed below.

Key Features:

  • Hides itself.
  • Full security.
  • Optimization of social apps.
  • App cloning (Dual apps).
  • Hide photos and videos.
  • Daily backups.
  • Regular updates.

3. Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone)

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro: Specialised app for photos and videos. If you are interested in hiding your Photos and videos like a pro then go for it. It has some special features that why it is a separate app. Almost 100 Million downloads. It is simple and smart. The size of this app is only 11 MB.

Key Features:

  • Disguise app.
  • Not root.
  • Free backup (cloud)
  • Integrated video player.
  • Fingerprint unlock.
  • Private chatting and browsing.
  • Secure and smart.

4. Clock: The Vault

Hiding apps

Clock The Vault: Overall a good hider app. It also hides your media file like phots and videos secretly. It is trusted by more than millions of people. Very lite app and it does the proper work for you. Though it is lite, it has all-round features. As an example: it clear and lock your browsing, games, file, photos images.

Since this amazing app has millions of downloaders, it has some amazing and promising features. So, let's discuss them one by one and understand them.

Key features:

  • Performance booster.
  • Hide pictures and videos.
  • Strong app locks.
  • Fingerprint enabled.
  • Theme app lock
  • Easy navigation.
  • App icon removes/changes.
  • Fake password and private browsing.

5. App Hider Lite

App hider lite download

App Hider Lite: As the name suggests lite app hider. It can be also a great app hider in 2021 for your phone. Millions of people use it and enjoy this app. However, it hides your app and some media for free. Cloning is also an important aspect of this lite applications. This secret app will hide all your apps, games as well as your social chats and much more.

With the help of this app hider, you can protect your several app and media files at a time. Hence, download this amazing app from here.

Key Features:

  • Application hiding.
  • Dual apps feature.
  • Top-level security.
  • Instant clod backup.
  • All types of passwords.
  • Use multiple accounts of apps.
  • Enjoy the regular updates.

Wrapping it up:

Overall: all the top 5 Best Apps To Hide Apps (Android/iPhone) 2021 are amazing. Security and privacy is our priority and primary aspects. We always collect and reviews some best appl. So, all the app above are safe, secure and does the job for you.

Do not waste your time in fetching for some hiding app. These are enough and you will really find all of them interesting. If you want to suggest edits, feedbacks. Hence, please comment us below.