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10 Premium Blogger Templates For News Website

Well, if you are a beginner then you must have started your blogging journey via blogger. Although, there are very limited themes, templates and resources which a newbie blogger needs. Most modern-day bloggers start blogging with the tech news niche. So, just have a look at our 10 best premium blogger themes for new websites or blogs.

10 best news blogger templates

No worries at all. We are here to help you out and let you choose the best blogger template for news. Blogging on a news website is a very broad niche, which requires the best blogger template. So, you must fetch some of the key factors like Loading Speed, Minimal Design, Lite Site, Fast Loading, and full customization support. 

If you want all those quality factors in the blogger templates, you must check out: www.bloggtemplate.com They provide you with some of the best blogger templates.

Top 10 best blogger templates for a news website

These are the top 10 blogger templates you must try if you are creating a news website on blogger. Since news websites gain high traffic so they also allow you to earn plenty of money. You must choose the template wisely anyway we provide the best blogger templates for easy Adsense approval.

All of them are safe, secure and most importantly easy to download. Therefore, go through all the best news templates for bloggers and enhance your blogging experience.

1. Litespot

Litespot blogger template

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Litespot: Latest blogger template for a news website. It gives you some real value to be at the top of the list. Ultimate minimal design with a consistent colour combination. Well defined section with predefined columns and tabs. Since speed matters a lot, it never disappoints you. It is the fastest blogger template.

A new trending section in blogger templates is also included. It offers you different sections for different categories. Experience the new dark mode which is the coolest feature for modern news templates for bloggers. However, it has countless & priceless features, you must try.

2. Storify

Storify Blogger template thetechbook

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Storify Blogger Template: Another new cool looking blogger template by template. The overall design and look are quite good. It is very kind suitable for Blogs, or Journals but using it as a news website blogger template will be a better idea. It also comes with plenty of features and customizations.

Whole new minimal and neat & clean design. If you apply some good colour combination in thumbnails then it would turn out to be a beast. It's fully responsive and SEO friendly. Again, it also offers you dark mode for a better user experience. Overall the looks are quite amazing and the performance is also up to the mark.

3. Freebies

new blogger template 2021

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Brand new blogger template, which provides you, class. It comes with a whole new design. Gives you a minimal design with well-defined sections for articles. However, this template doesn't provide category wise sections, though it's good for daily blog postings.

Easily make a professional news website within minutes. This template makes sure that you get minimal and professional looks. You get the best google rich results and top page speed. The dark mode works quite well which is common in new blogger templates. Overall, it's good enough to create a good news website for micro niches.

4. OnePress

new blogger templates for news website

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OnePress is a perfect news template for bloggers in 2021. It's a specially designed multi niche magazine template for bloggers. Well, the design is neat and clean. It's in 3 versions: Lite mode, Dark mode & RTL mode respectively. So, it doesn't offer you an inbuilt dark mode.

However, if your focus is to make a multi niche site then you must go with it. It offers you fast loading, author box, predefined category sections and inbuilt ads spaces. The premium version offers you more features like auto-translation, SEO, and lifetime support. We conclude, OnePress is the best choice for a multi-niche site.

5. TechMax

Techmax free blogger template thetechbook

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Techmax free blogger template is a very versatile theme. It allows you a huge variety and a large number of differently designed sections. The magazine is best for delivering news in different niches. Download Techmax blogger template.

It's a fully SEO optimized blogger template and responsive. Overall, it offers you good loading speed with a neat & clean design. So, you can give daily news updates without any hustle.

6. GNews

Free newspaper template downlaod for blogger

Best news template for blogger: GNews. An ULtimate magazine design with compact blocks. Some of the cool features are Slideshow, feature boxes, author box, and 100% customization. 

This is perfectly news theme allows you to create a news website on various topics like Travel, Tech, Social, Newspaper and more. Loads so quick and is fully SEO friendly. Therefore, go for it and create non stop news websites on the blogger platform.

7. Newspro

newspro blogger tempate download thetechbook

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Good looking newspaper theme for your blog. Perfectly designed for newspaper theme for your blog. It exposes your content and maintains the bounce rate efficiently. The magazine design also boosts the branding aspect of the theme. Users will keep scrolling and consume more content without any hustle.

Overall, this newspro blogger template can be easily downloaded. Go for it, use all the sections and provide valuable content to your audience. It also offers good loading speed and boots your Adsense revenue. All the optimizations make this theme perfect for news or magazine site.

8. Perfection

Perfect Blogger TemplateLive Preview Download

Perfect Blogger Template: one more news blogger template which allows you easily content delivery. Look very premium and minimal look which suits the news website. You can cover some of the major niches like Health, Economics, GAmes, Sports etc.

It allows you more premium design and new features like: multiple author boxes, sticky menus and social sharing options. However it's fully responsive so, content can be easily consumed on various devices like Mobile, Tab and Desktop.

9. NewsPress

New news blogger template 2021: Developed by blossom themes. Has a consistent and lite design. It's a typical news theme for bloggers which has plenty of features. If you are seeking for simple and fast loading site then you must go with it.

Some of the special features are Social Counts, Responsive ads, Table of Content, Colourful buttons and dropdowns. Therefore, without any doubt, you download the NewsPress blogger template.

10. Mago

Mago blogger template downloadLive Preview Download

Mago Blogger Template Download: Compact and cute blogger template. It's very perfect for a micro niche website. It is compact, clean and exposes your contact up to the mark. Use a good colour combination of thumbnails which will enhance your site looks.

Mago theme can be used to create all kinds of micro niche sites. It's super simple, minimal and extremely fast. It is fully optimized for SEO, Adsense and responsive. So, download the mago template and enjoy the blogging.

Author's Choice: Glass (Premium Quality Blogger Template)

All the blogger themes for the news reviewed above are free but the best is Glass. I do prefer to start new blogs on blogger rather than WordPress.

However, quality, customization dashboards, and features are always been an issue with blogger themes and templates. That's why people prefer WordPress over Blogger.

But, wait there is a twist. Lately, the developers are creating some premium themes and templates for bloggers. As a result, people can avail all the quilty features which are easily available on WordPress. 

Why choose a premium template for bloggers?

Here are some major reasons which may convince you to switch on premium blogger templates or themes.

  • Safe from malicious attacks, links and footer credit.
  • Ultra FAst loading which affects SEO.
  • 100% Valid Scheme and code markups.
  • Full support, Quality checks and installation help.
  • Genuine Documentation with video.
  • Ultimate begin with 100% customizations.
  • Awesome plugins, fonts, forms and Java Scripts.
  • 100% response and easy content consumption.
  • SEO and Adsense are friendly.

I recommend Glass as the best premium blogger template for a news website.

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Overall, if you feel our reviews are useful then don't forget to drop your feedback below. More reviews and the best collection as wells some tools for bloggers are in the line. So, enable the notifications for further updates right on your devices.