Beautification of Ramgarh Tal Lake Starts Soon Says GDA Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur city’s most famous hangout place is none other than Ramgarh Tal lake. The area is widely covered by a huge water body and many swampy regions. Yogi government is continuously working on the lake to beautify the water body near Ramgarh Tal. The project is also initiated and the main construction works initiate soon.


The water body touches many vital parts of Gorakhpur city including big commercial buildings, parks, residential areas, and various breathtaking roads. GDA has many more plans for the beautification of the same, for now, their focus is to work on overall cleaning and surrounding construction.

Let’s dive in and take a look at how the project is planned and how soon it will complete.

Extension of pathway

The existing pathway will be extended to more than 6 to 8 kilometers. This pathway will be more wider and spacious. New seats and hang-out spots will be made in the middle so that people can sit and enjoy the view.

Walking, jogging or cycling can be done on this big 6 kilometers pathway. This pathway will be more high-tech and well furnished. The path will be constructed all around the water body to avoid crowding. This will also turn into a solution to overcrowding on weekends or special occasions & people will also get new views from all sides.

Water body connection with Ambedkar Park

A major chunk of the water body will be connected to Ambedkar Park. GDA is planning to connect Ramgarh Tal to Ambedkar park to beautify it even more. A small ship will also be introduced to make a more fun.

More water rides and water sports will be introduced soon as it’s also announced by Honorable Chief Minster Yogi Adiynath.

More greenery, garden & lighting

More and more plants are being plated and yet more are to come on the way. The ambiance will be green, full of flowers, shrubs, and beautiful trees. The side ways will also get the greenery and lighting effects.

For now, there’s only one light show available at Nauka Vihar, in the coming day there will be more than 5 light shows available surrounding Ramgarh Tal lake.

Two New Bridges

Soon two new bridges will be introduced to Ramgarh Tal. One bridge will be constructed from Yogi Baba Gambhirnath Prekshagrih to Vasundra Enclave to increase convince to Deoria bypass. The second bridge will be indoor and will be constructed to connect the first end to the last.

So, this is pretty much an overview of the Ramgarh Tal Lake Project of Gorakhpur, which is already initiated. As soon as the project is complete, it will bring joy to our faces. The beautification of the water body project is estimated at around 10 Crore Rupees.

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