How to Start a Resin Art Business?

Friends, do you also like resin art? Do you also want to know how to do resin business? Stay with us in this article, you will be given complete information.

If you like art and craft, then you must have seen videos of resin art on social media like Instagram, Tik Tok, and others. It looks quite fabulous and attracts everyone. Most women do this art. Anyone can do this work because it is very easy. If we look towards the business POV then homemakers can make a good income while doing resin art part-time.

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What is resin art? How to make it?

Resin art is a type of art in which resin is mixed with a hardener to fill a mold or painting. Gradually it dries and hardens, giving a shiny and translucent effect. There are many different ways we can create different designs such as river tables, coasters, clocks, keychains, sculptures, and more. Your creativity is very useful in this tomorrow.

This art is also known as Epoxy Resin Art. Epoxy resin is a type of chemical in which both resin and hardener are good. There are different types of resin available in Makarakat. In the Hindi, it is called Ral Kala.

Epoxy resin is more effective than ordinary resin. It’s more adhesive in nature, thus providing more strength to the art materials.

Resin Art Supplies for Beginners

best resin material in india

If you are considering resin as a hobby or as a beginner then you should be very clear that resin is not cheap. If you’re really serious about resin, you should start with the Resin Art Kit. Let us see what are tools and materials required to make good resin art.

1. Resin and Hardener

The first requirement is that you must have the Best Quality Resin. Along with this, a good hardener is also necessary. There are many types of resin but epoxy resin) is best for resin art. Here are some of the best epoxy resins in India that you can buy to make resin products.

2. Resin Molds

Molds play an important role for newbies and beginners. It makes the whole job very simple and productive. Now the question arises that how to use them efficiently. Take a container, and add resin, hardener, and required color to it. Add color and some pigments and let it dry.

Magic happens here. As a result, you get a nice shiny product with the correct shape. Here are some molds that will make your resin art more unique.

3. Pigments and Acrylic Colors

You should use pigments and different colors to make your resin design more attractive. There are different types of acrylic and alcohol colors, glitters, stars, etc available in the market. Their role is to give extra beauty to your product. Using the right pigments can lead to huge sales, here are some pigments you must try.

4. Heat gun and Weighing Scale

To avoid excess bubbles on the surface of your resin, a heat gun is used. This allows us to burst the bubble by heating the surface. It is very important to pay attention to these fine details.

You must also have control and measurement of how much resin to use. That’s why most resin artists use a measuring scale or weighing machine.

There are other tools that are needed to create the correct resin design. If you want more tips then comment below, we would love to assist you.

Where to buy Resin Supplies in India?

The number of people making resin products in India is increasing day by day. There are so many small resin brands in the market that it becomes difficult to depend on them. Try to buy from the nearest shop. If you are having trouble with this, then you can also buy through the links given below.

What is the cost of resin in India?

There are different types of resins and their purposes are also different. In our art, we use epoxy resin which is a little expensive as compared to other resins. The cost of a beginner resin kit ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1400.

How to start resin business in India?

If you are a beginner and interested in resin art then you must be wondering how to turn this hobby into a business. Well, the answer is simple. There are certain steps that must be implemented in order to sell your resin products.

  1. Create amazing and unique products.
  2. Use the best quality resin and materials.
  3. Create social media handles and share your products.
  4. List your products on e-commerce stores like Etsy, and Amazon.

If you follow those tips then we are sure you can make a good business. However, if online doesn’t work for you, you can also sell through vendors.


so, these were some important tips and information that you can use to set up your own resin art business. Resin art making is a trial and error method, so keep experimenting. Be creative and unique with your design, you can make a good business. For more conversation please visit

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