Revamp Moto Mitra & RM25 Electric Bike Review & Price

Revamp moto is an Electric Vehicle Startup Company that makes EVs that are built to adapt. Every then and now we hear about electric bikes and cars. People are very this kind of vehicle as they don’t need petrol or diesel. This kind of vehicle has its own standpoint to be brought by a customer. Here we are having a look that how 3 engineers started an electric vehicle startup without any funding. How did 15 members team do this great work? How did they reach shark tank India and eventually got funding of 1cr to 1.5 equity in the company? What are their price segments and the future of revamp moto PVT ltd?

Revamp moto startup founder

The founder of revamp moto PVT ltd electric vehicle company are Jayesh Tope, Pritesh Mahajan & Pushkarraj Salunkhe from Nashik, Maharastra. They are engineer trio friends with some high-quality work experience in prior startups. They left their jobs to work solely work on their own startup. The problem started on revamp moto is to provide a specific vehicle that solves the problems of delivery giants and daily vendors. They built a utility electric bike cum scooter which is efficient as well as electric at the same time. The punchline of revamp motors company is built to adapt, Made in India, Made by India, and Made for India. Revamp moto is an Indian electric vehicle startup company with a great vision to solve the problems of utility vehicles. Their aim is to make vehicles that adapt to our needs rather we adapting our vehicles. All three of them are highly educated and have the ability to become the best entrepreneurs in modern India.
founder of revamp moto

How Revamp Moto scooters solve small business problems?

In the Indian market, there are many small business vendors, small stalls, delivery services, and more mobile vehicle needs. Due to the lack of proper vehicles made for this daily routine work, people prefer to use their bikes and scooter. They don’t have any specific vehicle to use to do food delivery, tea, burger stall & sell any kind of fruit or vegetable. Revamp moto’s founder, completely studied the problem and made an electric scooter that solves every single problem of local vendors in the market. These are bike cum modular platforms that adapt themselves according to the customer’s need. The same vehicle can do different work for small business owners. These are highly customizable, in fact, revamp moto allows us to make the vehicle according to our needs. They even include a table, fridge, vegetables, and a devil every basket built on the vehicle itself. Some of the use cases of Revam moto Mitra and RM5 are delivery vehicles, small seller stalls, and mobile transport.

Revamp Moto on Shark Tank India

Mitra and RM25 are the two prototype electric bikes/scooter that is trending on the web, due to the shark tank show. The three Nashik-based founders of Revamp Motors pitched their EV business model on shark tank India. They presented two models Revamp moto Mitra and RM25, in fact, a shark Ashnner took the test drive as well. They loved their concept of adaptability and utility bikes. Meanwhile, a founder also exploded a bomb that recently, revamp and got 50,000 orders which cost more than 250cr. Soon after that, all the sharks started showing interest. They found the whole startup interesting including all three founders. Eventually, they also got a deal on all the sharks invested in their project. Revamp moto got funding 1Cr for 1.5% equity in the company.

Revamp moto electric bike cum scooter, models

Revamp has many prototype electric bikes and scooters, but they have only listed 2 bikes: RM Mitra and RM25. These 2 EV bikes are capable to do making deliveries, transport, and other industry standards work efficiently. Let’s have a look at the specifications, mileage, top speed, customization, and battery backup in the vehicles. These are 2 platforms that can be converted to different bikes with different purposes respectively.

1. Revamp Moto RM MITRA

revamp moto mitra photos and images
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This bike is very raw and the base model of Revamp electric vehicles. Basically, it’s called a platform, that can be customized to match the requirements of the customers. The company will give you the option to customize the vehicle on its official website. There are 10+ attachments like a fridge, delivery basket, food box, modular shop, panniers, and folding table. This vehicle can be used for product delivery like drinks, and meat, and also for small businesses. RM Mitra is made for heavy work and goes up to the 140 km range. Here are the detailed specifications of the RM Mitra EV bike:

Features of RM MITRA Bike

Range 140KM
Load Capacity 200 KG
Top Speed 65 KM
Modular Attachments 10+
Price Rs. 1 Lakh (40 to 55k gov subsidies)

2. Revamp moto RM 25

revamp moto rm 25
This bike is pocket-size dynamite. RM 25 is a mini electric bike capable of all the utility works. This bike comes with 5+ adaptive attachments. It’s completely developed for delivery giants for industry uses. RM 25 looks more stylish and also can be used for mobile travel uses for students and specific niche customers.

Features of RM 25 bike/scooter

Range 70KM
Load Capacity 120 KG
Top Speed 25 KM
Modular Attachments 5+
Price Rs. 60 thousand (40 to 50% gov subsidies)
If you need a bike, then visit and do the registration. For your kind information, this RM 25 model is only being prepared for bulk orders for shared delivery companies. the founders have confirmed that soon after April 2022, they will focus on customers’ needs. That’s all, the future of EV in India is very bright, and very educated person is preferring to use Ev rather than a traditional option in the market. Revamp moto is doing great, they are coming up with regular updates about the respective vehicles. All three founders are equally loved by the audience on various social media platforms. This is the impact of the shark tank India show, what do you think? Comment your thought below.

What is the share price of revamp moto?

Since this startup company is in the initial stage they are currently focusing only and only on capital investments. Their authorized share capital is Rs. 1000000 and their paid-up capital is 100000. If you want to invest in revamp moto, then directly visit their website’s investment firm. Write them a mail and they respond ASAP.

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