Former participant of "A Fazeda 6" Denise Rocha changed look surprised everyone.

Denise Rocha , former participant of “A Fazenda 6”, changed her look and shocked internet users by presenting herself in an unrecognizable way on social media 

Before she was known as “Hurricane of the CPI”, after having an intimate video leaked while she was witness to an investigation in the Chamber of Deputies.

The 38-year-old former parliamentary advisor underwent several cosmetic procedures, almost turning into someone else.

In the edition of “A Fazenda” in which she participated, the former advisor came in second, losing the award to Bárbara Evans.

Not to mention the increase in the volume of the breasts, buttocks and the thin waist that can be seen when wearing a bikini.

Denise's radical transformation caused euphoria among Instagram users, who left messages feeling baffled by the change.

It is not known for sure which aesthetic treatments Denise chose, but apparently the ex-peasant enlarged her lips and seems to have had a rhinoplasty.

“What an exaggeration, this is disease”, said a girl. "Compassion! Can't you see yourself in the mirror, your breasts will suffocate you!”, exclaimed a second.