A new Wordle game for typical music lovers.

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Wordle has become part of people’s daily routine since launching earlier this year. Created by Josh Wardle for his partner, Palak Shah, who loves word games.

Similar to that, a new game called Heardle. Basically, this a website based simple game, where a song clip will be played & you have to type in the song name.

Heardle is on trend on various social media platforms. Many of the celebs and influencers are having a taste of the game and sharing on thier social.


This new music heardle wordle game is based on geographic location and songs will only be played according to your region hosted on soundcloud server.

How to play heardle?

Visit heardle.app website, the layout is very simple to get kick started the game. Use any browser to open the web based game: heardle.

Players are allowed to guess the song which is played on succesfull regular progression. The songs will change every level and you get game points.

At the end players can share thier scores based on thier musical performace on the social media handels and gain popularity.

Players hear 1 second of the song at the first attempt, 2 seconds for the next, 4 later, followed by 7, 11 and 16. You are also allowed to use skip feature.