6 Best Basketball Games for  Android/ iPhone

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Choose your favourite Basketball Game and Start Playing On Your Phone.


1. NBA Live Mobile basketball

NBA Live Mobile is the best basketball mobile game in 2022.

Additionally, get a PC/Console level ultimate gaming experience on a mobile device.



Experience the real street (gully) basketball. Play multiplayer basketball.

Show your dribble, dunk, fake moves, shoot and beat your opponent.


3. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

NBA 2K2022 mobile series is the latest edition. Original and realistic kits, players, and more.

You are allowed to go deeper, as you can manage franchises and grow your team.


4. Dude Perfect 2

Play real characters like Tyler, Garrett, Cody, Cory & Coby.

Graphics are commendable, enjoy the full artwork and anime graphics. High customizations, shoots, and tricks.


5. Basketball Battle

Very famous, 2D-based simple basketball games for your android devices.

Basketball battle is a combination of arcade and basketball sports.


6. Double Clutch 2

Double Clutch 2 is the sequel of Double Clutch and we hope this

However, you may not get customizations but still, it makes you feel some realism in graphics and animation.


Best Basketball Games To Play In 2022

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