Are you looking for an Education Blogger Template to create your website or blog? Well, you are in right place. Here we provide you with some modern, newly designed, Adsense & SEO friendly & responsive education blogger themes for 2022. If you are a teacher, professor, coach, trainer, motivator, Youtuber, Speaker (anyone), now you can express your ideas easily by using Study or Free Education Blogger templates. So, we are here with our 10 best education blogger templates to download in 2022.

here are best responsive education blogger
Download education blogger template for blogger website.

The educational industry is on boom after the pandemic. More and more content creators are coming up with their educational ideas, blogs & valuable content. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to guide them in a better way by providing the best education blogger templates to free download.

Features of an Ideal Education Blogger Template:

  • Lite & Minimal Design.
  • Organized sections, menus & posts.
  • Flat colors with consistency.
  • Fast Loading Speed.
  • Testimonial Section.
  • Different Author Section.
  • Full Content Exposer.

Choose the suitable template & create an educational blog/website for School, Academy, Institute, Classes, etc. Blogger templates for education are not easy to find. However, blogging on blogger CMS is not easy as we have limited resources in terms of templates, themes, and designs. Themes in the educational category are not free or easy to find. Most of them are available on WordPress & that too very costly. So, we have the solution for you.

Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates For Education in 2022

Here we have collected the 10 best education themes & templates downloaded for free. We are sure they will fulfill all your needs for 2022. Check them out and comment below if you like them or have any issues.

1. LMS Education blogger template

LMS Education blogger free download

LMS Education Blogger Template is one the finest blogger theme ever created for Education, Academics, School, Management, Digital Agency, etc. It’s a newly launched theme by Btemplates. LMS Education is free to download & comes with minimal design, focused content, and lots of unique features.

Features of LMS Education Theme:

  • Minimal & Clean Looks.
  • Highly focused and arranged content.
  • Dynamic menus & new gadgets.
  • Label-based newly designed post section.
  • New Testimonial section.
  • Some new sections introduced suits for Education.
  • It can be used by Schools, academies, Online courses, etc.
  • Brand new: Live Template Tour.
  • Full support & up to the marks documentation.

Well, is the best blogger template for Online courses, School, Tuition, Portfolio themes. If you need a template that displays the diversity of your organization then you must go with it. It fulfills all the needs which an education site needs. Therefore, we recommend LMS Education is the best education blogger template site on Blogger CMS.

2. Sorabook (education blogger template)

Sorabook book blogger template

As the name suggests: book. Sorabook is a uniquely designed blogger theme that displays your content in a new educational fashion. It may turn into a perfect theme for those who publish books or sell courses. As it displays the post grid in a beautiful 3D book animation when hovered. This theme creates a good education ambiance with perfect cour combination & writing formats.

Here are some features of Sorabook:

  • Ultimate 3D Book design.
  • Special bookish looks.
  • Best theme for book publishers.
  • Email subscription widget.
  • Full SEO & Adsense ready.
  • Special Author section.
  • New Social Counter Widget.

There are much more features to discuss the Sorabook blogger theme. Download
for free or Buy it for a better experience. Sorabook is the ultimate education
template for publishers, ebook sellers, or online courses.

3. ebooko blogger template 2022

eBooko book blogger theme

eBooko is an eBook seller blogger theme. It’s a newly designed theme that allows us to sell a specific book, or ebook, or course. the eBook is a landing page blogger template. Therefore, it’s a perfect theme for a micro niche website. The design is adapted from WordPress and it has all the features of an ebook seller site. We will also update you on blogger template 2022 for any niche, very soon.

Interesting features of eBooko:

  • Single (Landing Page) Website
  • WordPress Adapted.
  • Huge Hero section.
  • 3D Gradient Graphics.
  • Response and Mobile friendly.
  • Easily Customizable.
  • Several Sections for product description.
  • Well-designed testimonial section.

Overall, if you want to sell a product like an ebook, marketing course, youtube course, or any personal training, etc. eBooko does all the job for you that too on blogger CMS. This may turn into a blessing in disguise for people who buy hosting to create landing pages.

4. Neckel (education blogger template)

Neckel blogger template download

Neckel Blogger Theme: Comes on number four in our listing. This education template is very responsive and offers a clean design. It’s very attractive and enables us to display content in a disciplined manner. The core design is based on minimalism and simplicity which suits as perfect education theme.

Some features of Neckel are highlighted below:

  • Flat and absolute design.
  • Fast Loading theme.
  • Inbuilt Adsense Widgets.
  • Two-tier menus.
  • Popular Posts Section.
  • Recent 6 Article Section.
  • Social Shares & SHORTCODES.

Neckel gives you some cool gadgets, widgets, and further customization. It’s SMO, SEO & Adsense Friendly. The loading speed of this theme is also super fast. Use all the typography, writing formats & create a stunning blog post for education purposes.

5. eLearn

eLearn education Blogger Templates

Brand new stylish education theme for learners & teachers. This theme is course-oriented. At the top, you get a login/register feature and a big image slider. Posts are designed in a new fashion which shows the publishing dates at the top corners. This theme is very powerful, that is why it’s present in our best education blogger templates list. Then comes the latest post section which looks very clean and steady. In end, you get 4 column footer with a beautiful grid of popular posts.

These are the key feature of eLearning:

  • Login/Register user.
  • Fully Responsive & secure.
  • Social Media & SEO optimized.
  • Minimal look and clean design.
  • Bookmark ready.

Reach out to people and display your thoughts, information through eLearn. It allows you to sell courses in a very easy way. Use it for your marketing, cooking, vlogging, and various skill and course selling platforms.

6. Educator Student Blogger Template

Educator Student education Blogger Templates 2022

Educator is a well-designed academic blogger template. It is made for Universities, Colleges, Schools, or other institutes. This theme gives you all the decent features which a WordPress theme does. You can manage your education management as well use it as a regular magazine.

Here are some features of Educator Theme:

  • Image sliders.
  • Multi-drop down menu.
  • Full-width search bar.
  • Featured Snippets.
  • Google Maps.
  • Fast Loading Speed

7. Course

course education blogger templates 2022

As the name suggests “Course” is the best blogger template for your course website. If you have any mastered skills and you want to explain your idea, knowledge, and skill then this is the best option for you. Design is simple and super minimalistic. Loading speed is very fast and it has no issues with responsiveness.

Course blogger template is 100% Adsense friendly, as AdSense is a major way to earn you provide huge information on the blogpost. For your blog post, it’s the perfect theme as it will structure your course and give you good exposer to the audience.

8. Charm

Charm blogger free download

Although Charm theme falls in the category of Personal Blogger Template its clean design appeals to be promoted to a higher audience. This is for those people who have their thought, own idea and want to share them with the rest of the world. The template looks very peaceful, calming, and very focused. Therefore, express your thought via Charm and make a better world.

9. Basel

best education blogger theme

A very minimal, white, and modern blogger template that apples peace and information through its design. Deliver your content easily, with modern complexity. This theme adds great value to your content. As it is simple, focused, educational and modern at the same time.

However, it’s not a typical educational template that displays academics or books. It’s for those who want to start a micro-niche site in Education Field. Basel blogger template will be the best for them in 2022.

10. Scrapbook

Scrapbook, as the name, suggests this blogger theme has a book design. It has a very unique design where you get a book in which you can write your blog post in blogger CMS. This looks so traditional and valuable. It may sound very old for a few people, we reckon them to go above and choose one.

Tough it has traditional look, but it offers you some good typography features, new writing formats. The overall look of this template feels as if you are reading a book itself. So, if you like vintage things and simplicity then you must go with this template.

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If you want to be more specific and choosy then the best education blogger template is either sorabook or lms education. We hope your search for education blogger themes is completed now. For more blogger templates 2022 we are coming with new collections, just stay tuned.


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