Top 6 Best Basketball Games for Phones in 2023

basketball games for android/iphone

Are you a basketball lover and searching for the best basketball game? Here we have the 6 best basketball games for android/iPhone to play in 2023. Basketball is a fantastic outdoor sport to play and enjoy. Though there are numerous PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox basketball games available but it becomes a little difficult to deliver the same experience on android mobile devices.

Top 6 best basketball android games for 2023 list:

There are several android basketball games present in the play store. It’s not easy to find the best one for your android phone. Here we did the job easily for you. We collected the best android basketball games, you can choose them accordingly. Download your best baseball games for android in 2023 and start playing.

1. NBA Live Mobile basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile (best basketball game for mobile)

NBA Live Mobile is the best basketball mobile game in 2023. It’s the official game of the NBA and it’s fully listened to. Additionally, get a PC/Console level ultimate gaming experience on a mobile device. Play basketball with high-quality graphics and enjoy the journey of a champion. Lately, the game has got huge updates that keep on getting this game better and better.

EA Sports NBA Live: Get daily objectives, 3v3 tournaments, burning campaigns, and customize your players. The controls of this game are fluid and the ultimate graphics are unbeatable. The soundtracks are really awesome, overall it’s the best basketball mobile game ever made.

2. Basketball Stars: Multiplayer


Experience the real street (gully) basketball. As the name suggests multiplayer: allows a social 1-to-1 match option. There are several modes are present in the game. Show your special skills like dribbling, dunking, fake moves, shooting, and scoring to beat your opponent conveniently. Furthermore, you can perform some hoops, shoots, and moves in real-time multiplayer and give the ultimate match.

There are so many unique features, rewards, and hundreds of wearable kits. Power your players with new sets of baggage and kits. Make a solid team and reach the world’s best. The graphics of the game looks like anime and are cool. There are huge characters and several modes. It requires an active internet connection through the game. Overall it’s the best basketball game in the Indian region.

3. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game

NBA 2K Mobile

NBA 2K2022 mobile series is the latest edition. It’s officially licensed so that you can experience the original and realistic kits, players, and more important the faces. This game allows a variety of modes and tournaments. Carrier mode and association modes are also features of this game.

You are allowed to go more deeply into the basketball environment as you can manage franchises and grow your team. Online multiplayer is a little bit limited in NBA 2K Mobile. The graphics of the game looks quite decent but the soundtracks used can’t be ignored. Overall, it’s a decent basketball game for your android mobile or tablet device.

4. Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect 2 anime basketball games

Dude Perfect is a very famous youtube channel for tricks and fun. The same level of craziness, accuracy, skills, and tricks are present in the game. Play real characters like Tyler, Garrett, Cody, Cory & Coby. Graphics are commendable, experience full artwork and anime graphics. Get high customizations, shoots, and tricks.

DUDE PERFECT 2 allows you to play some productive basketball right there on your mobile device. Put on your skills, ideas, emotions, and all the creativity and win the game. Furthermore, you also get to play some modes and online multiplayer which is a very interesting section of this game. Well, I would recommend that it’s the best android basketball mobile game in 2023.

5. Basketball Battle


Very famous, 2D-based simple basketball games for your android devices. Basketball Battle is a combination of arcade and basketball sports. However, it is very popular for its huge fan base and absolute gaming environment. You are allowed to play real-time basketball games or matches with your friends. Easy controls and all you need to do is to smash the ball in the basket with your pro skills.

Furthermore, this game also comes with various modes like country tours, online live events, 2v2 and multiplayer. Initially, you get some money as game points through which you can challenge your friend. Later, you develop your skill, play online matches with your friends and make more money. Overall the graphics are the same as a typical arcade game and the gameplay is up to the mark.

6. Double Clutch 2


Double Clutch 2 is the sequel to Double Clutch and we hope this series goes on. Moving forward, let’s discuss this game and its features. It lets you enjoy mobile basketball gaming on a different level. Play with 16 teams, rush up for competition in 4 quarterly groups. Additionally, you get a practice mode as well. However, you may not get customizations but still, it makes you feel some realism in graphics and animation.

This game has a very high potential to grow and let you experience the ultimate level of basketball. Though, the controls lack major improvements. We ranked it on the last in our best basketball games for android listed due to obvious reasons.


Wrapping up, hope you like our 6 best basketball games for android/iPhone in the 2023 collection. All the games reviewed above are well-tested and safe to download. If you feel that we lacked some more features or we didn’t include your favorite game then you must comment below. Give your feedback.

Which is the best android basketball game in 2023?

Well, there are lots of basketball sports games that deliver their best on the android platform. You get to console-level experience on android mobile phones. The best android basketball game for 2023 is NBA Live Mobile Basketball.

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