Cricket 22 download latest free version for pc 2022

Most awaited cricket game: Cricket 22 by Big Ant Studios and joined partner Nacon surprised their fans by the release. Here we cover all details, a full review of Cricket 22, and how to download & install Cricket 22. Some fans may call it Ashes Cricket 22 but the company decided to continue the sequel of Cricket 19 to 22.

Cricket 22 game release date download

Cricket 22: Game review in 2022

Cricket 22 is the official game for the Ashes 20-21 season. We are the part of the Big Ant Studios family for the last 10 years. They create every lasting sports game with realistic graphics and outstanding controls. This time Nacon also joined hands with Big Ant Studios to create something special. So, our expectations we higher after Cricket 19.

So, officially the game is announced and will be released soon. Developers have given a new touch to Cricket 22 with some cool graphics and control changes. New game, new season, new expectations hence more and more fun for us.

Overall: Cricket 22 is the best cricket game for pc/laptops/consoles like Xbox & PS. It has some major improvements on actions, control, game graphics, commentary, crowds, umpire, and the whole cricketing environment. Therefore we can say that Cricket 22 will make you experience reality, thriller, drama, and fun.

Early access & release date of Cricket 22

Cricket 22 will be released on the 25th of November 2021. Though Big Ant will also be giving progressive early access and steadily they will least to full release of the game. However, you can do the pre-registration of the game.

New features of Cricket 22 (Big Ant Studios) 2022

Developers have claimed some major promising features which will blow your mind. According to their press release, Cricket 22 is the best sports game by them. So all the fans would be excited for some big changes and new features in every aspect of the game.

Here are some of the major changes and exciting new features which you will seek in the Cricket 22 game.

cricket 22 download

1. Enhanced graphics quality.

Developers have claimed that it’s the best graphics they could ever make in the sports gaming category. It’s just incomparable and mind-blowing. There are some huge changes and major improvements in every aspect of the game.

Not only do you get ultimate graphics but you also get the best visual effects. The loading speed will be lighting so easily you ane get into the action and ready to rock. However, much more details are yet to come.

2. Brand new batting & bowling controls.

Control was a major issue for some of the users. As, Big Ant Studios was passing the same traditional control over series like DBC 14, DBC 17, and Cricket 19. So wait, here comes the twist.

Now in Cricket 22, you get more chances and improved controls. Whether it’s bowling batting, running, fielding or some usual movements, you can have 100 control over them. Therefore you can play some gorgeous shots, freaking deliveries, tricky run-outs and all-over control will remain in your hand.

3. Real Life AI-driven carrier mode.

AI was unnoticed and noticed then we saw some blunder glitches. So, no more unusual movements, now you will get good competitions, strategy, challenges, and much realistic carrier mode.

Grow yourself from a beginner to a star player. Learn new skills, develop more muscles in the gym, increase more fitness. For the first time, experience the world off the field. Well, it’s gonna be a dangerous combination.

4. Variety of tournaments.

Big Ant Studios got the legal licenses of countries like Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Ireland, England. So new tournaments are added up in Cricket 22 with legal players and realistic faces.

In Cricket 22 you can now enjoy the thriller of Domestic Cricket, Regional Cricket, Big Bash & CPL.

5. New cricketers with realistic style.

New licensed realistic players are introduced with exact shot-making, bowling & fielding capabilities. You just can’t wait for it. Moreover, C22 has also focused on off-field cricket as well, as a result, you may get a new hairstyle, beards, bats packs & much more. So get ready for exciting commentatory for each & every action on the ground.

6. Redefined Commentatory.

Every single action on the field matters, no action will be left for the crowd cheering. New commentators are being introduced namely: Ian Healy, Mel Jones, Michael Atherton, Alison Mitchell, and David Gower respectively.

7. More community options.

A deserved & huge fan base is built over time which needs some further customization. Specialty for IPL mod in Cricket 22, bilateral series, new jersey, banners, logo, players & more. So, therefore, the community options also much are expanded and allowed to play non-licensed teams like India, RSA, Pakistan, etc.

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System Requirements for Cricket 22

OS:Windows 7,10,11
Memory:4GB RAM (Minimum)
Processor:Intel Core i3 / AMD Athlon (Minimum)
Graphics Card:NVIDIA Geforce GT710 or AMD RADEON HD
DirectX:DirectX 11
Controller Required:Yes (must)

Cricket 22 Download Game for PC/Consoles 2022

You can buy and then download Cricket 22 game directly from Big Ant Studios. You can download and play Cricket 22 on various platforms like PC (Steam), PlayStation (PS4 and PS5), Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S). Tough Cricket 22 will be available on  Nintendo Switch only after January 2022.

It’s a very easy procedure to get the pre-order done quickly. Just visit here and pre-order Cricket 22 right away. We must say that C22 is worthy of its price, it is a big value for money. Anyway, you may also get a free version of Cricket 22 to download for PC.

FAQ for Cricket 22 Game

How to play Cricket 22 offline?

Sure, PC gamers can easily play Cricket 22 offline with modding software. There is a very famous software fiddler, by that you can play these games easily.

Does cricket 22 require a graphics card?

Yes, it needs at least 2GB of Graphics Memory for good gameplay and playable frame rates. It’s the minimum requirement of Cricket 22.

How to play IPL in cricket 22?

Cricket 22 doesn’t have an IPL tournament but we can install IPL teams, player jerseys & stadiums from the community tab and enjoy IPL. There are several mods that enable us to play IPL in Cricket 22.

What is the price of the Cricket 22 PC?

You can shop Cricket 22 at USD 99. Well, the rate may look a bit higher for some gamers, but it’s a big value for money.

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