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The most awaited so-called Indian GTA Game: Mumbai Gullies game is available. Here we give information on how to download Mumbai gullies for PC or Android. Lately, the game makers and company revealed that will be launching the game as soon as possible. Here we are with a full review, this game is very overrated and hyped. Let’s go and check the reality. Open-world games give you the freedom that allows you to do almost anything a person can do in real life.
Mumbai Gullies free download

Mumbai Gullies: Full Review

Mumbai Gullies (2021) PC game is ready to rock. It’s a fully Open World AAA title game by GameEon Studios. It offers you a full open-world gaming environment. It’s similar to GTA games but with some Indian essence. It allows you to access a full map based on India. The creators have also given the Indian touch to the game with a lot of culture in it. As the name suggests Mumbai Gullies: It’s gonna take you to the ground level of streets and cities of Mumbai. Be a gully boy, make your empire, rule the slums, and reach the ultimate golden life of Mumbai. Therefore, it’s gonna be very exciting. The CEO: Nikhil Malankar has informed us about the game and release date. He announced it and also shared the experience of development on his YouTube channel. This open-world game will be similar to GTA Games like GTA Vice City or San Andreas. Many Indian gamers are calling it Indian GTA Mumbai gullies. The trailer and gameplay, look quite adventurous. Since there was a huge impact of GTA games in the market regarding the Open World game category. Every PC gamer is aware of GTA games and why not? However, it is very successful in creating good hype. A short trailer was released, looks quite amazing with a lot to admire in it. It shows some key places of Mumbai city like Dalal Street, typical roads, heavy traffic, old-style yellow-lined taxis, etc.

Mumbai Gullies release date

Mumbai Gullies will be released by the first quarter of 2023. Currently, it is in the developing stage. It will be available on different online platforms and gaming stores. However, you could get early access to Steam and Epic Stores. The trailer has been rolled out, we are expecting the release soon. If you want a reminder with the free download links of Mumbai Gullies then please enable our notifications or Subscribe to the newsletter.

Is Mumbai Gullies for mobile phones (android)?

Mumbai gullies are not available for Android gamers as per as current scenario and official news. It is not developed for Android phones as well as for IOS. It can only be played on the computer. It will be PC or console-based. Though it may be possible with cloud technology it’s not solely being developed for Android devices.

Mumbai Gullies Download (For PC/Android Phones)

To download the APK of Mumbai Gullies you need to wait for a long time. It is because of some obvious reasons:
  • This game is not being developed for mobile devices.
  • Even if developers plan to develop it for phones, would take a long time.
  • However, you can play the game easily via cloud gaming.

Download Mumbai Gullies APK for Android

The developers have confirmed with us in an interview, that they are not working for the Android platform. So, no need to dream about Mumbai Gullies APK download. Don’t be in the trap and waste your time. Although making fake sites will catch your attention, our responsibility is to provide you with the right information.

Price of Mumbai Gullies

The Mumbai Gullies game is not free of cost. You have to buy it and it is available at different prices. We can buy it digitally via the official website. There are three types of prices:
  1. Digital Download: INR (1999/-)
  2. Premium Digital Download: INR (3,499/-)
  3. Boxed Edition: INR (7,999/-)
You can contribute to the making of the game, good luck.

Mumbai Gullies System Requirements

Platforms: PC/Laptops/PS4/Xbox etc.
RAM: 6-8GB
Processor/CPU: Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 Series
GPU Dedicated GPU 2GB
Windows: 7, 10, 11
DX: DirectX 9/10.1/11
Internet: Required
Minimum system requirements of Mumbai Gullies
Mumbai gullies system requirements are for a mid-range PC. It may require a dedicated Graphics Card. However, it can’t be played on a potato PC. It does need a good configured PC to enjoy this game with good graphics. It is because it has a big engine and some quality graphics. If you want to learn a bit about the best dog boarding in Perth WA, check out the WowPerth news website for more information.

FAQs about the Mumbai Gullies Game

Release date of Mumbai Gullies?

There is no yet official confirmation. However, the release is expected in early 2024. It’s a GTA-similar game that Indian Creators truly create.

Is Mumbai gullies a mobile phone game?

The game is still being developed for PC and Consoles. So, it is very hard for the developers to commit it for phone gamers.

What is the game size of Mumbai gullies?

The game size still can’t be predicted but it goona is a mid-range game. Although the gaming engine of the game is very heavy, Mumbai Guillies can still be played on entry-level gaming PCs.

Who developed Mumbai gullies?

GameEon Studios is the developer of this game which comes under the CEO: Nikhil Malankar.

What are the requirements of Mumbai gullies?

This game needs at least 6 to 8GB of RAM. A dedicated GPU and much more. See more system requirements above.

How to download the Mumbai gullies game for PC?

Mumbai Gullies information for PC/Android is available at thetechbook. Visit there and find the full information to download the game.
Overall, this open-world game will rock the Indian market. This special game will change the Indian gaming industry and more games will be made by Indians. It’s not only a game, but it also brings a new change and revolution to it. Check out the latest post: Best Education Blogger templates for 2024

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